Hey, Charmagne. Are you okay to be in here?

Sheeit, Bobby. I’m okay if you’re okay. I’m just keeping an eye on my boy here. He wanted to come in for a minute, get out of the cold. Ain’t that right? There you go, get yourself a drink. That’s a’ight. Fuck it. I’ll have a drink too. Booze was never my choker, you known what I’m saying? Yo! Bobby! Get me one of those too! Fuck it. Can you spot me a drink, playa? Cool. You’re cool shit. So where you from anyway? No shit? I’m from the east side. Prolly know some of the same cats. You know Troy? Big motherfucker with the spiderweb tattoo on his neck? Yeah, you know Troy. Motherfucker used to try to fuck me when I was home with the babies all fucked up. Sheeit. Scumbag motherfucker. Who is this fool?

You look like a classy whore. Tell you what, I’ll give you twenty bucks to suck my—

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